Images May Disturb You

Marlena Jean
Eighteen years of age.
I am crazy,
I believe in myself.

I'm an open book


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Fill your heart with secrets but the only way to read them is if you break your heart.
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the fog/rain and sunset combo was confusing but neat
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Where has this been all my life!?
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Michael Nichols-Fog-Enshrouded Rain Forest in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains. 
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Omg Courtney. Your dream guy is Ryan.
18 notes "I wish … people could spend a day with me sometime. So they could sit at a meal, or walk down the street when a total stranger walks up and starts a philosophical discussion about what exactly ‘Donnie Darko’ is about. It makes my day every time. Because every time, I answer, ‘I have no idea, what does it mean to you?’" — Jake Gyllenhaal (via ro-ro-romeo)
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